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A Sonic Story

Since 2004, Rohit Vasudevan has been building a reputation as a true visionary in the music scene. Starting out creating music and playing gigs , Rohit Vasudevan quickly built a devoted fanbase. Rocking live events and opening minds ever since, this amazing artist draws crowds from far and wide, and continues to spread musical light in every new destination. Get in touch to learn more about this shining talent and upcoming gigs.

‘Rohit Vasudevan Diaries’ (RVDiaries) is a collaboration of four talented musicians who each play a
part in bringing to life the songs in Rohit’s head.
The band includes Rohit Vasudevan on Guitars and Vocals, Saket Rao on Drums/Percussion and
backing vocals, Zion Mathews on Keyboards, Kshitij Saxena on Flute and Amit Gadgil on the
Bass Guitar.
RVDiaries as a band speaks the language of groovy funky rhythms combined with melodic vocal
lines. Real, unadulterated, heart-felt music.
Rohit Vasudevan has just composed and released an anthem for the J&K Tourism for a place called
Basohli which has received him a lot of appreciation from the press upnorth. Below is the link to the
Basohli Anthem- Rohit Vasudevan
Rohit Vasudevan Diaries just came out with their Latest single on the 14th FEB 2018 for Valentine’s
Day!!! The link is below;

RV Diaries has just completed work as Music Directors for an upcoming Bollywood Movie.
RVDiaries has performed all around the country in prestigious venues and festivals. Some of which
Headlined Overdrive Festival 2015, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.
Totem Pole 2016, Mumbai
Mojo Rising Music Festival ‘15, Kochi
IIM Bengaluru, Unmaad ‘15
Kerala Coir Festival ‘15, EMS Stadium, Allepey
SOS Mudathon, Nashik ‘15.
Rock Studio (Ahmedabad)
Blue Frog Pune
High Spirits Pune
Euriska Pune
Blue Frog (Mumbai)
Café Infinito (Mumbai)
Phoenix Marketcity (Bengaluru)
RVD went on to perform on a Television program Music Mojo which was
aired on the channel Kappa TV on 5th July 2014. Click here to check out
the Music Mojo at Kappa TV episode of RVD
The band also endorses Meinl Cymbals (Germany).

RVD won the Radio City Freedom Award for Best Rock Artist (Popular Choice) 2015.

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